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9 Aug 2023
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Speech English Festival UNDIP 2023

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19 August 2023
Promoting a Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth That Drives Innovation and Empowers Communities
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1.Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment
The discussion focuses on specific strategies and policies to promote gender equality and economic empowerment for women in Indonesia. Participants can debate the challenges and opportunities women face in the Indonesian labor market, the impact of cultural norms and social expectations on women's economic participation, government initiatives to address gender disparities, and the role of women in shaping the future
of Indonesia's economy.

2. Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Economic Growth
This topic highlights the role of Indonesian youth in driving economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation. Participants can explore issues such as the startup ecosystem in Indonesia, government support for youth-led businesses, access to funding and resources for young entrepreneurs, and the potential of technology and digital platforms in empowering Indonesian youth to contribute to economic development.

3. Education and Skills Development for Youth and Women
The focus is on the specific challenges and opportunities related to education and skills development for Indonesian youth and women. Participants can discuss the quality of education in Indonesia, vocational training programs tailored to the needs of Indonesian youth, initiatives to address gender disparities in education and the importance of developing relevant skills for the Indonesian labor market.

4. Inclusive Policies for Youth and Women in the Workforce (Backup)
This topic examines policies and initiatives to create an inclusive and supportive environment for Indonesian youth and women in the workforce. Participants can debate the implementation of gender-responsive policies in Indonesia, promoting work-life balance in the Indonesian context, facilitating mentoring programs for young professionals, and the role of Indonesian companies in embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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